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What you need

In-Person Notary: The individual signing the document must appear in person and present a valid picture ID.

Online Notary: The individual signing the document must appear in person on camera and present a valid picture ID.

Have all documents ready for the notary. Your document(s) should be filled out in its entirety, minus the signature. All blank space should have "N/A."

The Process

The notary will verify the identity of the signer with the photo identification that is provided by the signer. (Driver's license, passport, State ID, or Military ID) The form of identification must have a signature, photo, and expiration date.

The notary will review the document ensuring there are no blanks on the document.

The notary will ask the signer if they understand the content of the document they are signing to ensure they are understand and not being coerced into signing anything. 

The notary signs and stamps the seal on the document. 

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Examples of Documents that can be Notarized

Transfer of property ownership

Real Estate Documents

Title Escrow Closing

Grant Deeds

Lease Agreements 

Bill of Sale 

Proof of Residency

Name Change

Durable Power of Attorney

Medical Records

Living Trust

Business Contracts

Financial Documents

Adoption Paperwork

This is not a complete list of documents that can be notarized.

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